Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Windows proofs itself against Steam

Seems somebody at microsoft finally got around to seeing what their old pal Gabe's been up to down at Valve. Imagine their surprise when they discovered old Gaben's been raking in the dough like a fat man well raking in shitloads of money. sorry there's no analogy. Gaben is fat and rich.
So they come back with Live! Whether it's Live as in live with windows or live at windows, we can't know for sure. However, this is the only problem they have to focus on now that they've cornered the online gaming market.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Burn nooks for heat

Crawling out of every..cranny

Yes, it's the nook and it's seems like you could write a novel in the time it takes for it to change one page but that's okay because e-book readers are the future. The crunchpad battle has turned ugly, Time et al have dropped hints that they might soon be tossing their hats in the ring and against all expectations, the nook has hit the shelves. 
Once again the painfully sluggish e-ink is to blame for the bad reviews. Somehow the B&N reader takes longer than the first Kindle to turn a leaf. Whether this can be remedied with a firmware update, we don't know. We also don't know how Quantum Theory and Relativity end up defining the universe so perfectly and yet do not come together in a gay homosexual reach around manner. 
Some things can never been known.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Books have been too easy to get at for too long

They basically want to lag electronic versions of the book by four months. Why? So that people who pay 4 times as much to get the hardcover won't feel ripped off.

What will happen? The electronic version shows up on the very day the book is released. It is pirated and 4 months from the point, nobody's arsed to get the legit one.

The industry will complain about piracy destroying the ebook market while sales of ebooks continue to rise. They will introduce further DRM and make everybody who DOES buy legally regret it. Piracy continues because it is infinitely more preferable to read a book the day that book is available in stores.

The idiocy of clinging to 'the pricing model that has survived for decades' will lead to revenue losses for everybody, least of all the authors who were probably strong armed into this, the publishers because they see the beginning of the end and of course retailers, the bookshops.

Yes, it is sad but not more so than a kitten being booted off a bridge only to survive as a cripple, spat on and attacked by local kids before dying without ever experiencing a modicum of affection.

Engadget pats itself on the back for making world's most obvious joke

Still testing this blogging ext. So far I understand that a failed update means it has updated and a saved draft means squat.

Twitter / Home

Gonna blog about my twitter about my blog

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)

Testing the chrome extension. Entirely redundant as far as I'm concerned but testing these things are required of me since i took up the mantle of a google bitch

Thursday, January 15, 2009